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What is Orthodontics (braces)?

Simply put, it is the art of straightening teeth for a nice pleasing smile.

How do you straightening teeth?

The academic answer is by means of one of the following appliances to move the teeth :-

• Removeable Appliances which can be taken on and off, good only for simple correction
• Fixed Metal Braces using wires and little square metal pieces stuck to teeth which cannot be taken off
• Fixed Metal Braces which are self-tying
• Fixed Ceramic braces
• Lingual Braces which are the same as metal braces but stuck to the inside of teeth
• Invisalign which are a new way to straighten teeth without braces- they use a series of quite invisible aligners
• Auxiliary appliances like headgears, functional appliances and mini screws

Which type of braces should I choose?

That will depend on what is important to you and what your requirements are. To help you decide, look through the following factors and see which are the ones most critical for you. It should help you narrow down the choices to the one most suitable for your need.

• Cost
• Effective
• Easy cleaning so as to reduce the risk of decay or gum disease
• Ability to eat with your braces
• Little effect on the clarity of your speech
• Comfort- does not cause cuts or ulcers
• Discrete- not easily seen by people
• Co-operation- does not depend on the patient
• Need to travel frequently and appliance allows you to carry on treatment while away from the dentist

Currently, we would say that fixed metal braces and Invisalign should cover the majority of people’s requirements

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