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Did you know that Botox and Fillers are used in Dentistry as well?

Botox and Fillers are well known in the cosmetic industry. However that’s not to say they do not have other uses.

Cosmetically, Botox is regularly used to remove age lines or wrinkles on the face to produce a more youthful look. Actually, Botox works by inhibiting the action of over-active muscles. Medically, they are used to reduce the effect of over-active sweat glands or relieve the tension from tight calf muscles among many other uses. In Dentistry, Botox can be used to correct the unwanted effects of facial muscles. For example, Botox is used to reduce gummy smiles where the muscles pull too hard on the lips so that too much gums are shown in the smile. Too much muscle pull can also cause the nose to look fat. Sometimes the muscle pull on the left and right is uneven causing the smile to look lop-sided. Botox is also used to reduce the effect of over-tight muscles which can cause migraine or jaw ache.

Botox effects last for anything from 3 to 6 months.

Fillers, on the other hand, are used to fill up defects that can look unsightly. In Dentistry, defects are created when teeth are extracted causing the supporting bone to shrink. This can result in a lack of support for the face. The situation can be made worse with age when the facial tissues tend to contract. Fillers can be permanent, semi-permanent or resorbable.

The most commonly used type of fillers are resorbable like Hyaluronic Acid which is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. This means that the effects are reversible ands correctable while having to do periodic re-treatment.

Resorbable fillers normally lasts about 6 months. Please note that fillers cannot be used to correct sagging facial muscles or lack of muscle tone.

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