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May 06, 2017 | Patient Resource | Comments Off on Whiten Teeth

Whiten Teeth

Whiten Teeth In Your Dentist’s Clinic, Not At Home

Whiten Teeth in your dentist’s clinic instead of using over-the-counter, do-it-yourself teeth whitening products may seem like an extravagant suggestion. Dentists, after all, will charge anywhere from SGD$1200 – SGD$1500 for a single sitting lasting 60 to 75 minutes while an at-home bleaching kit costs only SGD$500. But the cost is not the only factor that must be considered in teeth whitening either!

Whiten Teeth Via In-Home Methods

Yes, in-home whitening methods including gels, strips and trays require considerably lesser monetary investment than in-clinic treatments. But the results with the former are not as impressive as the latter in terms of the level of whiteness of the teeth and the period wherein the results are achieved.

In-home teeth whitening methods are less effective for several reasons:

• The strength of the bleaching agent is lower – just 3% hydrogen peroxide in comparison with the 15% to 43% hydrogen peroxide in in-clinic preparations.

• The on-size-fits-all mouthpiece tray prevents maximum contact between the teeth and the whitening product. In contrast, an in-clinic treatment has a customized mouthpiece, which lessens contact with gums while increasing contact with the teeth.

You will enjoy whiter teeth with in-home methods, of course, but you will wait for a minimum of 2 weeks before observable whitening happens. Plus, you must deal with the risks (i.e., infected gums, uneven teeth whitening, and damage to teeth) on your own sans the medical supervision of your dentist.

Whiten Teeth In Your Dentist’s Clinic

If you whiten teeth via an in-clinic treatment, you will enjoy several benefits not possible for in-home treatments. It must be noted that a prescription teeth whitening product will be used in conjunction with a special light, with a laser, and with heat depending on the physical condition of the teeth.

Observable results – significant whitening of the teeth, at that – are possible in a single sitting lasting 60 minutes or more. But if you want dramatic teeth whitening results, you may have to undergo several sittings, which will be worth every cent in truly sparkling white teeth.

In conclusion, if you want to whiten teeth, don’t spend your money on in-home treatments that may or may not deliver your expected results. Go directly to your dentist and see results beyond your expectations!

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