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May 06, 2017 | Patient Resource | Comments Off on Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

What To Expect During A Tooth Extraction Procedure

Having your tooth extracted whether because of decay or to prepare it from braces is something that one shouldn’t fear. It is a medically-supervised and professional procedure done by expert dentists and doesn’t take a lot of your time. It may be painful at first but following doctor’s orders is extremely worth it.

Tooth Extraction: Healing And Recovery

As long as you follow your doctor’s orders, you can make sure that your chances of getting a post-surgical infection and bleeding are low and you can expect a quick recovery as well. The benefits of following aftercare and accurate dental instructions concerning post-extraction or extraction pain or bleeding go beyond preventing future dental problems and frequent visits to the dentist.

What To Do After Tooth Extraction

Some of these methods may seem like an old wives’ tale but they are standard medical procedures that prevent bleeding and pain. For starters, bite on the gauze or cotton placed on the surgery site firmly for the first thirty minutes to an hour after the procedure. It will be normal to taste some blood after the procedure (the surgery wound is still fresh) but don’t spit the blood out. Also, avoid sucking liquids through a straw since the pressure would cause the wound to bleed. Another way to prevent further bleeding is to keep your head elevated when sleeping or sit on a reclined chair first for the first 12 hours after the surgery.

For managing pain and discomfort, take your pain prescriptions and antibacterial meds religiously after the procedure. Make sure to eat light food and drink a good amount of water before and after taking your pills to prevent nausea.

Dry socket, which takes place three to five days after the procedure when the blood clot falls off, may cause some tingling or painful sensation around the treatment site. This is because the jaw bone is open to air, water and food particles. Put some ice pack on the side of your face to minimize the feeling of swelling and to gargle with a prescribed antibacterial mouthwash to keep the area clean until it fully heals.

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