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May 06, 2017 | Patient Resource | Comments Off on Teeth Straightening Singapore

Teeth Straightening Singapore

Must-Know Information on Teeth Straightening SingaporeTeens And Their Parents Must Know

Teeth Straightening Singapore clinics are popular among teenagers and adults in the city-state for good reasons. The success of the procedure results in benefits in terms of form and function related to straightening crooked teeth and misaligned bites, said benefits of which include an improved appearance, bite and oral health.

But before you permit your teenager to undergo the dental procedure, you must know certain things about it. Keep in mind that it has its share of costs and complications that you must be well aware of before letting your teen plunge into it, so to speak. Here are two of these must-know information.

Teeth Straightening Singapore Clinics Exercise Caution In Accepting Patients

Yes, the teeth straightening procedure is a routine procedure in dental clinics around the city-state but this does not mean that orthodontists will accept any and all patients who want to undergo the process. By the way, you must check to ensure that the teeth straightening Singapore clinic, indeed, has the right dentists to perform the job; look for a licensed orthodontist.

It must be emphasized that patients under 14 years of age are usually not accepted for the procedure. This is because the teeth in younger patients are still sensitive and, thus, unsuitable for the stresses of the teeth straightening process. Your teenager must wait until he/she is 14 years of age before the dentist will consider him/her suitable for the procedure.

Even then, the orthodontist will still determine whether the teeth straightening procedure is, indeed, the best remedy for whatever oral health issues are present. It must be noted that the procedure is only suitable for crooked teeth and/or an overbite or underbite. For example, your teen may only require a removable retainer or may need surgery instead of braces.

Teeth Straightening Singapore Clinics Charge Their Patients

Since the teeth straightening procedure is considered as a cosmetic procedure, insurance policies may not cover the costs. You must ask your insurance provider about it lest you become unpleasantly surprised with the bill, which can run anywhere from SGD$4000 to SGD$4500.

The bottom line: As the one paying the bill, parents must always be informed about the costs and benefits that the best teeth straightening Singapore clinic provide for their kids before saying “yes” to the procedure.

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