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May 06, 2017 | Patient Resource | Comments Off on Teeth Bleaching Singapore – Why It Is Needed

Teeth Bleaching Singapore – Why It Is Needed

What Are Reasons for Teeth Bleaching Singapore?

Teeth are primarily supposed to be white in color. There are hosts of reasons why they discolor and turn yellow or brown and this is why many choose to whiten their teeth. Thanks to dental procedures, it is easy to bleach teeth back to a desired shade of white, though it may take longer for some and yet others may whiten right away.

Any Reason Why Teeth Bleaching Singapore Area May Not Work?

Generally, any set of teeth can be bleached, but it may take some patients longer due to age or genetics. One deciding factor that determines whether whitening the teeth is possible is the color of the teeth at birth. Heredity gives us our beginning tooth color and those with a yellowish to brownish hue of white will bleach better than those born with a greenish to grey hue of white with their teeth.

Other Reasons for Needing a Good Teeth Bleaching Singapore

Teeth come in varying levels of opacity and translucencies. Those with less opacity will show stains more. Sometimes teeth appear transparent with less pigment. The teeth that do better with bleaching are those that are thicker and opaque.
Health habits directly affect the color of the teeth. Bad habits such as junk food diets and smoking and even taking certain drugs will cause the teeth to darken and stain. In some cases, the teeth may erode due to the exposure to acids (in foods and drugs).

Other reasons for tooth discoloration are caused from teeth grinding and suffering trauma of the mouth. Teeth can bruise and even die, causing a darken appearance. A cracked tooth will have dark edges. These teeth can benefit from whitening through a bleaching process at the dentist. Sometimes it may take more than one application to bleach the teeth to the desired shade of white.

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