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May 06, 2017 | Patient Resource | Comments Off on Teeth Bleaching Singapore

Teeth Bleaching Singapore

A Quick Background Teeth Bleaching Singapore

It’s a part of life for the yellowing and discoloration of people’s teeth. As a child, a person’s deciduous or milk teeth are perfectly white. However, changes in teeth composition in an adult’s tooth, as well as the decrease in its phosphate content, make its surface susceptible to tarnishing.

The enamel of the teeth also becomes more porous as one gets old, and becomes vulnerable to staining caused by bacteria, medication, and liquids like coffee, tea and red wine. The good thing is that tooth discoloration can be reversed through the help of teeth bleaching.

Teeth Bleaching Singapore: Why You May Need It?

If you think your tooth discoloration is affecting the way you look and is bringing down your confidence level, then you should go for teeth bleaching. Also, there are some staining that can’t be reversed by whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes, such as in-born conditions like tetracycline staining or fluorosis. If you’re feeling too conscious about your teeth, and you work in the public eye, media or communications field, then a session of teeth bleaching can certainly bring back your pearly white smile.

Teeth Bleaching Singapore: Maintenance

The most common method of bleaching or tooth whitening is laser bleaching. It is an FDA-approved procedure that is usually performed in the field of cosmetic or esthetic dentistry. Depending on your preference, teeth bleaching can bring back your natural teeth color or make it even whiter. Prior to the procedure, you would be requested to choose the shade or degree of whitening that you want for your teeth. The procedure itself would take between an hour or several sessions.

Sadly, teeth whitening won’t be successful if you don’t follow your doctor’s orders following the procedure. Anyone who wants to have their teeth whitened should commit to a complete oral rehabilitation, which involve avoiding teeth-staining foods and habits like smoking and drinking coffee and tea. But with regular maintenance and visits to your dentist, you can certainly keep your whiter teeth for good.

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