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May 06, 2017 | Patient Resource | Comments Off on Implant Bridge

Implant Bridge

What You Need To Know Before Getting A Dental Implant Bridge

If you happen to be very careless with your teeth when you were younger or have encountered an accident and lost a number of your teeth, getting a dental implant bridge can be your best option. It is quite unsightly to smile and uncomfortable to talk with some or all of your front teeth missing. More importantly, it is very much difficult to chew your food, unless you are accustomed to eating soups and mashed food.
The good thing is, there are several treatments your dentists can offer to bring back your confident smile and vigour in eating. Commonly, you can either get bridges or dentures, or have these permanently placed in your mouth through implants.

What Is An Implant Bridge?

Implant-supported bridges are a combination of dental implant and bridges. Unlike the regular bridges, where the teeth on both sides of your missing molars need to be re-contoured to fit the crown, implant-supported bridges do not need such process. Instead, titanium screws are placed on both ends of your missing teeth to secure the bridge.
The surgical procedure is preferred by many patients since implant bridges look and feel more natural than dentures. The implants also stimulate the bone and gum tissues and thereby prevent bone resorption. Implant bridge surgery is performed under local anaesthesia. It takes about three to six months for you to fully recover. After the surgery, you need to visit your dentist for follow up check-ups.

When Should You Get A Dental Implant Bridge?

When only one tooth is missing, a single implant is your best bet. This is more secure than bridges and does not compromise your healthy teeth. Implanted bridges are perfect for people who have lost some of their adjacent teeth due to an oral disease or accident. However, this treatment is not for everyone, particularly elderly patients since they are at risk to slow healing processes.
You should also keep in mind that dental implants are not quick fix solutions, and you need thorough check up and good oral hygiene to attain the best results. The good thing with dental implant bridges is that after a few months of healing process, you will have permanent teeth implants which are almost as good as your real teeth.

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