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May 06, 2017 | Patient Resource | Comments Off on Cost And Care Considerations Of Dental Implants

Cost And Care Considerations Of Dental Implants

Cost And Care Considerations Of Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the best options in comparison with bridges and dentures. Yes, these are more expensive than these temporary options but the benefits provided by teeth implants make up for the cost a thousand times.

Cost Of Dental Implants

Let’s first discuss the cost of teeth implants because it is the primary consideration when choosing between teeth replacements. In Singapore, patients can spend anywhere from SGD$3700 to SGD$6000 depending on the number and location of teeth for replacement. You must discuss with your dentist the overall cost for the procedure so that realistic expectations can be set.

Yes, Medisave can be used to pay for part of the cost of dental implants. It must be noted that the claimable range is from SGD$600 to SGD$1,200 depending on the case conditions and depending on the approval of the Central Provident Fund. The bottom line: You will still pay for part of the cost of teeth implants so it pays to start saving as early as possible for the dental appliances.

But are teeth implants worth the high price paid for the surgery? Yes, because of their numerous benefits including:

• Improved appearance of the teeth because these closely mimic real teeth including the fact that these fuse to the bone.

• Improved comfort in function including biting, chewing and speaking because of their permanent and personalized features.

• Improved oral health because dental implants these allow for easier cleaning.

• Improved convenience because these are permanently implanted on the bone, which is in sharp contrast with removable dentures.

Plus, you can expect teeth implants to last a lifetime with proper oral hygiene habits.

Care Of Dental Implants

You need not worry about caring for your teeth implants either. Of course, you must follow the dentist’s post-operative care instructions such as icing the area to lessen discomfort, taking painkillers and antibiotics to prevent post-surgery complications, and using a prescribed mouth rinse to prevent infections. When the implant site has healed, you can treat the teeth implants like your real teeth – brush and floss daily, for example.

In conclusion, dental implants may be expensive than other teeth replacement methods but for the benefits these titanium and porcelain appliances provide, every cent is worth it.

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