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May 06, 2017 | Patient Resource | Comments Off on Braces Orthodontics

Braces Orthodontics

Braces Orthodontics In Layman’s Terms

This material used to correct dental problems is known by different names. It is referred to as orthodontic braces, orthodontic appliances, dental braces or as the plain and simple term, braces. One of the basic parts constituting braces is called the brackets. They are the ones attached to each tooth. Brackets are most commonly made of metal although other materials are also used in their production such as ceramic or plastic. At other times, they are even made out of a combination of those three. The other important elements of orthodontic braces are the arch wire, ligature elastic, springs, rubber bands and bonding material.

To proceed with our dissection of “braces orthodontics“, let us now proceed to the short discussion of the other term, orthodontics. It is a field of specialisation particularly concerned about the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of teeth as well as facial irregularities. An orthodontist for instance, employs the use of certain appliances such as braces to correct malocclusion (bad bite), align protruding teeth, close gaps between the teeth, and straighten crooked or crowded teeth. Such appliances are similarly used to address jaw problems.

Braces Orthodontics & The Situations That Call For Them

Irregularly spaced, crooked, crowded or protruded teeth are just some of the reasons why dentists advice their patients to wear braces. Such conditions are hereditary or are results brought about by accidents, trauma or bad habits such as thumb-sucking in children and even adults.

The aforementioned conditions make it hard to properly clean the teeth with a toothbrush. Since dirt remains in the mouth, a person can develop gum disease or other infections, suffer from gingivitis, tooth decay and lose a tooth or more sooner or later. Proper chewing can also be hard for people with such tooth problems. In addition, they can similarly find it difficult to pronounce their words properly or to communicate in general. Jaw problems and premature wear and tear can likewise add to the inconvenience of living with a bad set of teeth. It is in wearing braces therefore that patients cannot just find a solution to such concerns but also enjoy the advantages of good oral health. That said, wearing braces is more than just a cosmetic solution to your dental concerns. Indeed, they help you live a better quality of life and that gives you more than enough reasons to smile.

Braces Orthodontics As A Personal Choice

Then again, wearing braces is ultimately a decision that is yours to make. Your dentist can talk about all of the benefits that wearing them can bring but he or she still needs your consent to proceed with the treatment.

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