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May 06, 2017 | Patient Resource | Comments Off on Bleaching Teeth

Bleaching Teeth

Bleaching Teeth To Enhance Your Prominent Facial Feature

A bright smile is an instant confidence booster. In the same vein, its absence makes us lose a great deal of confidence in our physical appearance. People’s interest in aesthetic dentistry is partly a result of the fact that a growing number of patients turn to their dentist to improve their smile. Bleaching teeth with peroxide is one way to achieve this end.

Bleaching Teeth At Home Or At The Clinic

Teeth discolouration is a result of various factors. It can be brought about by the fact that there are hard to reach areas of the mouth that aren’t brushed properly. Furthermore, a patient with an otherwise white set of teeth suffers from the inconvenience of discolouration because of certain ingredients found in foods he or she eats and the damaging content of tobacco he or she smokes.

The active ingredient in teeth bleaching products is either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The moment it has penetrated through the enamel, the peroxide oxidising agent causes the whitening of the teeth. The important factors that affect the success of the process are time of application and peroxide concentration. These are two of the reasons why over-the-counter bleaching products usually turn out to be less efficient than professionally administered bleaching procedure at the dental clinic. A less desirable outcome is achieved in the former as the application is less precise than it is with the latter.

During the teeth bleaching procedure, the dentist initially cleans the surface of the teeth before the actual application of the bleaching agent. Most of the time, laser is also used in the process to initiate the chemical reaction that results in whiter teeth. But it’s worth mentioning that there are cases wherein the treatment is performed using the bleaching agent alone.

Bleaching Teeth: The Result

Bleaching teeth with peroxide to give way to a brighter and whiter smile is effective. Several people have already tried it and were satisfied with what they got. Even so, this treatment is never intended to serve as permanent solution after one dental session or so. It is something that needs regular maintenance to produce satisfactory long-term results.
All things considered, it is important for you, the patient, to understand that the result you’re going to get will largely depend on the following factors: the colour of your teeth prior to the treatment, the source of their discolouration and your age. You also have to remember that proper aftercare can help you enjoy whiter teeth longer.

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