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May 06, 2017 | Patient Resource | Comments Off on Orthodontics Singapore

Orthodontics Singapore

What Are The Options For Orthodontics Singapore Offers?

Orthodontics simply refers to the process of straightening teeth. In layman’s terms, this refers to braces.
Braces have both dental health utility and aesthetic value. Since misaligned or crooked teeth often prevent thorough cleaning, those corners end up trapping food bits from eating, which could lead to buildup of germs and other dental disorders. As a lot of people can relate with, crooked teeth also undermine self-confidence, preventing individuals from interacting as freely as they would hope for.

Orthodontics Singapore Options

There are many ways dentists in Singapore treat misaligned teeth. One is a removable appliance you can take on and off, but this is only for simple corrective purposes and is not meant for people with an extremely misaligned set.

Orthodontics Singapore firms also offer fixed metal braces that use wires and small square metal pieces attached to the teeth which the wearer cannot take off. Still, there are fixed metal braces too that are self-tying. Aside from these, there are also fixed ceramic braces, lingual braces that are stuck to the inside of the teeth, as well as the newest in orthodontics: a set of invisible braces called Invisalign.

Which Option For Orthodontics Singapore Offers Is Right For You?

The question is this: which is right for you? Although you may later choose which method your dentist would use depending on your budget, you first have to narrow down your choices according to what method will give you your desired result. Your dentist will evaluate your misaligned teeth and recommend to you your possible options, eliminating those which aren’t feasible for your condition.

Ideally, you need to be able to eat with your braces and clean it easily to prevent the development of decay or gum diseases. You must also be able to speak with ease, with relative change on the clarity of your speech. Although you may feel a bit of discomfort immediately after the installation of your braces, the pain should be able to subside in a couple of days and allow you to go about your usual chores smoothly.

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