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May 06, 2017 | Patient Resource | Comments Off on Implant Crown For Cosmetic Tooth Enhancement

Implant Crown For Cosmetic Tooth Enhancement

Implant Crown For Cosmetic Tooth Enhancement

Implant crowns are one of the most popular procedures to restore decayed, crooked or chipped teeth. They are one of the last resorts of a patient when it comes to tooth enhancement or saving their tooth. Basically, dental implant crowns are like puzzles or legos that can be disassembled or assembled as a patient wish. While crowns are quite sturdy, they do not last a lifetime, and have to be repaired at some point in a person’s life.

Crowns are attached to the implants, which are in turn, attached to screws. These screws make it possible for the attachment of the crowns to the implants, which requires them to be perfectly installed under the patient’s gums. An abutment is also used to connect the structures together. In most cases, the crowns are cemented to conceal the screws.

Implant Crown: Aesthetic Considerations

Crowns are pretty easy to maintain because they are retained by screws, making it easy to disassemble their components. The fact that it is also attached by screws allows people to easily clean the implant inside, especially hard to reach places, without risking the condition of the implant or restoration.

What’s also great about crowns is that it’s as natural as one can get. It can be colored as well, depending on the tint of neighboring teeth. Provisional crowns can also be used for more complex dental procedures and are quite affordable to avail.

Implant Crown: Where To Get It

Crown placement and implants are offered by orthodontists across the country. It would be better though to go to an orthodontist or cosmetic dentists than a general purpose dentist as the former would be more well-versed with performing surgeries than the other. Remember that the placement of crowns, even though quite predictable, should be taken as a serious dental therapy treatment. It should only be performed by seasoned cosmetic dentist and orthodental surgeons in the country.

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